Neocrisis: WTF Moment - Final Fantasy 8

Neocrisis: As long as we are talking about wtf moments in video games, I would like to point out MY favorite wtf moment. This takes place in the world of final fantasy, during the 8th installment of the series, Final Fantasy VIII. There are actually plenty of wtf moments carefully sprinkled throughout the game such as a flying boarding school, a necklace that comes to life and attacks your party, a cannon that shoots people into outer space, a moon that is actually made out of monsters, a space station built around a frozen sorceress, and of course, a sword that shoots bullets (which in my opinion, is really cool).

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gamesmaster3365d ago

ok spoilers in here if you've never played or plan to play FFVIII, be aware.

p.s great game

20093365d ago

its true about spoilers but
the game is so old that most people should know this game story already

SaiyanFury3365d ago

Haha I'm actually playing this game right now trying to get the CC Group to show up. Love that ending battle against Ultimecia. :)

locos853365d ago

I remember this WTF moment!!!

20093365d ago

i think that most if not all gamers who have played the game will indeed say this is one of those WTF moments lol

Bob Dole3365d ago

Bob Dole quit playing after the fourth form. He should probably go watch the ending on youtube or something haha.

Chris3993365d ago

Before FFVIII, I had never seen a boss fight last through FOUR INCARNATIONS. For me it was one of the greatest moments in gaming. The replayability of that title was awesome too, there were a tonne of secrets, side-quests and optional areas/ bosses.

I know some people disliked FFVIII, but it was hands-down my favorite of the series. It was the first one to feature a prominent and decently portrayed love-story. The cinematics were brilliant (Disc one final cinematic was absolutely incredible). Everything was just polished and perfect (for me). The immortal devil-beetch goddess at the end was really just icing on the cake.

Easily my favorite game of all time.

- C

Avto3365d ago

Yeah, this game was great when it came out, I love FFVII, but as far as FF games go FFVIII is my favorite and yes this is one of my favorite games overall. Optional side quests and secrets were good, great story.

DanteLinkX3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Sirs, deserve complete total bubbles, I can't agree more with you 2, this game is completely RPG perfection, I loved everything about it, characters, story, the way to get weapons (weapons magazines!, you had to assemble them), the whole SeeD ranks that you had to take actual exams to get highter ranks and earn more money (periodically you earn money in the game, like they pay you). The graphics are probably the best for a PS1 game, and Squall is just the best FF character, Lionheart> all. Oh how I wish an RPG like FFVIII on ps3.

And WHO doesn't love Omega Weapons's 2,000,000 HP? that fight was EPIC. Best FF ever.

Avto3365d ago

SeeD exams something special, bad thing was your rank could go down if you did the wrong things, but now when I think about that it makes perfect sense, I can't say the graphics were the best for PS, but they were very impressive. The fight with Omega is indeed epic, but it's not exactly easy, so love is not the right word, but I hugely respect it.

meatnormous3365d ago

I don't know how many times I beat this game, both on the pc and on the playstation. I had the game for almost a year before I started playing it. Anthology came out right about the same time as 8 so I played the hell out of 6 before moving to 8.

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GlibGamer3365d ago

I've heard a lot of folks who dislike FF8, and I could never really understand why. It took me a while to like the main character (he's such an emo douche) but the story was fun to play though. The magic draw and junctioning systems were what really sucked me into the game though.

But, to each their own. As people didn't like FF8, I didn't like FF9 and even my wife loved that one. It's all good to me, as long as people are playing the games!

Baka-akaB3365d ago

well in my case it's simple . I dont mind disliking the hero (hell i often do) , but there should be among the cast at least one saving grace ... i found none here . Not to mention i was disappointed to find only humans and not even an half/beast among them .
I hate their personality and do not like at all their design

Most of all i dislike the story , i mean even hate it . It starts pretty meh , and imo only get worse .
I even stopped the game for a good while , after that scene at the orphanage where everyone recall meeting and knwoing each other but forgetting it...

And when it come to the gameplay , i didnt enjoy junction , and such abuse and over-extension of the classic talent system , into the whole mechanism of the game .
And most of all i was sick to death of summons .

I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy 9 far more , despite it trying to hard to be faithful to classic ff games .
It still started with and bang , kept an incredible and epic pace , until well , after the middle of the game , and the time of plot twists/revelations where it stumbled and took to much time to recover and be interesting again .

meatnormous3365d ago

When I seen that Zidane had a tail, it nearly killed me to play through it. How could I relate with someone that has a tail. I liked Vivi and the whole black mage plot. the strategy guide SUCKED for that game as well. remember that you had to go online to get additional info? What the hell was that about? I bought a strategy guide, not a guide to tell me what codes to put in on play online to get what I want.

k2d3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

I found this battle quite easy, (unlike some of the Weapon battles =P) and also very satisfying!

This game is the only Final Fantasy games actually needs a remake, because the pixalated graphics look horrendous in this day and age, unlike FF7. The game's art and visual presentation is PERFECT for a remake later this generation. And an alternative battle system would absolutely be beneficial.

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