411mania Review: Chrono Trigger

411mania writes: "During the heyday of the Super Nintendo, SquareEnix (then Squaresoft) had begun to push out countless quality RPGs. Among them were Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy VI (then known as III), and the legendary time-traveling adventures known as Chrono Trigger. Though the game garnered rave reviews from critics, it was a title that quickly became a scarcity. You would have to break the bank (well, maybe just break the piggy bank) just to get a copy of the original SNES game. Of course, SquareEnix found a way to solve that problem, bring it to the PS1! Well, unfortunately, this attempt didn't work all that well and was plagued with slowdown and load times. So with that, the problem persisted and many unfortunate gamers were left in the cold and incapable of experiencing Chrono Trigger.

Luckily, SquareEnix has created a remedy for this problem, that being another port of Chrono Trigger. The PS1 could hardly handle the game or its cutscenes, so surely the tiny DS would be no better? Quite the opposite, as it turns out."

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