411mania Review: Need for Speed Undercover

411mania writes: "I admit it. I am a huge fan of Need for Speed. As a former Playstation 2 owner, I believe the entire series was good in the PS2. From Hot Pursuit 2, both Undergrounds and Most Wanted, the series was on a roll. I loved the concept of car tuning and tuner culture that Underground brought and to this day I believe Most Wanted is the pinnacle of the series. Then came Need for Speed Carbon. I felt it was decent, but was a step down from Most Wanted. But EA felt it was time for a change and created Pro Street. I believe this was the low point for the series (I never reviewed it for the site, but I give it a 4.0 overall), a game so bad I barely played it for a few hours (5 hours total) before I was ready to trade it in and forget it ever existed. Now comes Undercover, a game that promises to take us back to the Most Wanted days. Is it a return to form? Not quite so, but it is a step in the right direction."

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