TGR Awards 2008: Genre Awards

It's that time again -- time to name the year's best and brightest video game releases. The Game Reviews will be breaking its virtual awards ceremony down into three parts this year, beginning right now, with the Genre Awards.

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italianbreadman3514d ago

Great list, although Spore is sort of a weak pick.

cain1413514d ago

I enjoyed spore lol...

Yes isn't got very little that's new and it's just a combination of old games mixed together and watereddown.

But I still love the creature creator and all the customization possibilities.

James Abels3514d ago

Leat 4 Dead! yaaay, well done

SirLarr3514d ago

I guess Sins of a Solar Empire wasn't strategy enough.

cain1413514d ago

I just start playing that one about a month ago and have been having some fun with it. It's a lot of fun, but it seems to play the same everytime, but then again that might just be me.

thegamereviews3514d ago

I love Sins. Played it for a few months. It just did not have enough lasting appeal to bring me back.

ihaten4glol3514d ago

Ugh, Braid.

Bravo on the rest, though.

NovaUK3514d ago

I personally didn't think Spore lived up to the hype - it was somewhat disapointing, in my opinion. Still, good lists!

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