Anti-Aliased: Top 5 things MMOs should learn in the new year

Massively writes:

"Well Happy New Year Massively readers! Hope everything is working out for you all on this first day of the year 2009! And with the day off, what better day to get caught up on your favorite MMO, right?

With the new year finally here, we have all sorts of new games in production and slated for a 2009 release. But that doesn't mean we should entirely forget about 2008. All sorts of things have happened in 2008 that the industry and players can learn from, but what should make the classic "end of year" top 5 list?

Well, as I am absolutely no more inventive than every other blog in existence, this edition of Anti-Aliased is dedicated to the top 5 things the industry and culture should learn and take into 2009, rather than forgetting. Some of it's funny, some of it's serious, but let's be honest -- it all goes towards perfecting how to have fun in virtual worlds.

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