New Year's Resolution: How Gamers Can Make a Difference in 2009

AndyGoes writes, "I'm not going to make the ridiculous resolution that I'll finish every game that I buy (GTAIV is just too big!). Instead, I am resolving to make a difference in my community by… wait for it… playing less video games.

"(GASP!) Less video games?!"

Yes, that's right. Let me give you a bit of history on this...."

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CrAppleton3513d ago

It makes sense.. I probably wont follow it.. but it makes sense.. =)

bgrundman3513d ago

It is sad to think that people can't put down the games for just a few minutes each day.

CrAppleton3513d ago

yeah.. well.. once you're married and have kids.. games become your get away.. pretty much the only social experience you have outside of work.. lol

Itrguy0013513d ago

wow u guys are the only one posting here.... makes me think that one of u guys are the same and using an alt account

bgrundman3513d ago

Imagine the difference you could make in your community with only a few minutes a day.

CrAppleton3513d ago

Yeah.. but IDK.. My games are important to me.. lol

bgrundman3513d ago

Also, just for the record, GTA is not to big to finish :P

CrAppleton3513d ago

LOL.. no not at all.. I beat it the first month I had it..

CobraKai3512d ago

I agree plus it's designed so that you can just complete a mission here and there without sitting for hours in front of the tv