Microsoft Rewards Soldiers with Mediocrity

Kotaku writes, "I was browsing the Fort Bliss PX with my folks yesterday when I stumbled across this bad boy: An "Xbox 360 Military Appreciation Bundle."

That's right Microsoft rewards the men and women defending our country with a discounted copy of a mediocre game from 2007. Patriotism or overstock?"

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Cajun Chicken3513d ago

At least they have Lego Indiana Jones.

godofthunder103513d ago

I like to know why he didn't write an article when microsoft donated 360s and games to the Military.The fact is that microsoft is the only one to give 360s and games away for free to the soilders. He didn't write about it but it jumped up and hurried and wrote an article about the discount.

it's a shame when people refuse to give credit to anyone who do anything for our soilders.I don't care if you hate microsoft or sony but give credit where credit is due.

I hate sony and i try to buy american made and from american companies as much as i can.The fact is that i'm not a ridiculious,childish,hypercrit s like fanboys.I'll admitt the truth.I want lie like fanboys.I don't like sony but i'll admitt they have a good system in the ps3.I'll also admitt that it's the most dependable system ever made.

The fact is that ps3 fanboys want give credit to microsoft for anything.They claim that microsoft just copy sony and sony is the only inovators of game systems.The fact is that sony coppied a lot of things for the ps3.When the ps3 was suppose to be released it had a different controller.The minute they seen how people liked the moition controller on the wii they changed their controller to a moition one to.Microsoft was the first ones to say that they will make their systems a media system instead of just a gameing system.Sony said that people wanted a gameing system not a computer when they buy a gameing system.When sony seen the possiablities of makeing the ps3 a media center to they did.I think it was sega that tryed to start online play first.Microsoft was the one to make it work.Sony coppied that to.Microsoft was the first one to use a harddrive sony coppied that.I'll know that sony did things first to.The fact is that sony didn't invoate every thing for gameing systems.the fact is that sony didn't invote the majority things on game systems they just coppied them.

I'm also tired of hearing how bill gates is money hungry onlike sony.The fact is that in 1 year gates donated over 20 billion $s for health care for the poor.This isn't the only thing that gates donated.Gated donate billins a years almost every year to.Bill gates retired just so he could have more time to do charity work.I don't see how anyone could call someone like that money hungry.This is all facts and easy to look up.The fact is that sony president or any one that's high up in the sony corp never donated anything like that for anything.The way i see it it's the people at sony that's money hungry.

GiantEnemyCrab3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Not sure what Kotaku or whoever is trying to pull but you should at least know how to spell "APPRECIATION" if you are going to photoshop it on to the Pro box.

I see the comments and they noticed as well. Some have guessed that this is some aftermarket sticker slap on by the PX. Anyway, Blue Dragon was a good game and I enjoyed it. I thought Kotaku were MS fanboys?

xlg3513d ago

Blue Dragon its a great game! Fake or not its a good offer. And i wonder how this PS3 Fans are going to react now about Kotaku comments. Yeah go back to your knees again and... PS3 Fans lol

Gun_Senshi3513d ago

did you even see the price?


Good offer my arse

Xlll3513d ago

Kotaku is still a worthless blog as it has always been.

The Lazy One3513d ago

It's a $299 system on it's own. Considering you get that system with 3 games for the same price, it is a good deal. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

crck3513d ago

I'd like to know what the hell Kotaku does to honor the US military. My guess is nothing, so maybe they should stfu.

Bnet3433513d ago

Kotaku fails. Crab is right. I have Blue Dragon, and it's a good RPG!!!

therealking793513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

i actually bought this bundle, i also own a ps3, im currently stationed in europe, there are two bundles one with blue dragon and the other with gears of war 1. i got the one with gears. let me say that the 360 sounds like its ready for takeoff, horribly noisy.

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Gun_Senshi3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

because they spell checked using Microsoft Word

Wile3513d ago

Wow what a fanbo....oh it's you Gun. Nevermind, no surprise, moving on.

Gun_Senshi3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

They grabbed a bundle, made a sticker with APPECIATION on it and slam it on old bundle and make a new APPECIATION US TROOP BUNDLE!

Free Blue Dragon? Bundle is $299 still free my arse.

I hope any soldier appeciate this bundle, that is in reality stealing your money.

To Topple the cake, I bet they are pre-jasper models to sell them out fast.

@Below. You are known to suck alot of M$ stuff. This is no an APPECIATION CAMPAIN this is a joke in the face. Slapping on a sticker on medicore bundle and add a "Free" game then add discount to make it appear less!If you see the label they are saving $24.75 so its not free.

GiantEnemyCrab3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

You do know this is the PRO SKU and it retails at that price, with a third game thrown in. Doesn't sound that bad.

But I know you hate it so hate on hater!

Let me help: I'm sure it will scratch the first disc he puts in it! Then it will proceed to RROD and blow up like an IED, giving these poor soldiers flashbacks. Then MS will come to their hospital beds and slap them each across the face and then kick there dog on the way out.

Did I miss anything?

ZombieNinjaPanda3513d ago


You have much anger stored up inside you. No? :)

meepmoopmeep3513d ago

he does, i tried to help him by enrolling him into XAMP®
but he's a stubborn one this crab


LostCypher113513d ago

Well First off Blue dragon was a Good game. second off MS isn;t known to bundle in its best games, unlike it's competitors.

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