Split Screen Modes Examined - Resident Evil 5 vs Left 4 Dead

With recent news coming to light that Resident Evil 5 uses a picture-in-picture style split screen mode, some people have become upset. While other games like Call of Duty: World at War use it too, some people prefer the true vertical split style. Co-Optimus examines a few reasons why the new PIP mode may be better suited, despite the smaller screens.

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Cajun Chicken3430d ago

That looks terrible. I prefer horizontal splits as it only really limits height, not seeing the roof or the sky, if you want to look up, you'll have to look manually up. Timesplitters did this perfectly.

InMyOpinion3430d ago

You can swap to horizontal split in Left 4 Dead.

Cajun Chicken3430d ago

I was referring to Resident Evil 5.

Capt CHAOS3430d ago

More black space = Less graphics = Better frame rate.

I reckon they are struggling enough to keep the performance up, hence this wacko split screen. Well done to Left4dead for giving you the option.. Heck even the Halo's did the split screen better (right back to the first Halo).

Hiruma Youchi3430d ago

Keep it simple .

GoldenEye Style.

Mc1873430d ago

But why even own an HD console if you don't intend to play it on a relatively large screen?

Capt CHAOS3430d ago

Plenty of reasons.. Not everyone has or needs a massive screen.

Mc1873430d ago

I guess I came off as an a$$ there.
As for money I'm dirt poor by most people's standards and I managed to get a nice TV.

bapenguin3429d ago

Personally I like that it keeps the same aspect ratio despite the lesser screen realstate.