Eight silly ways to amuse yourself in Home

So, the much-vaunted PlayStation Home has been with gamers for a few weeks now. It's still a bit dull though, isn't it? Once you've made your avatar, rearranged your furniture and spent a little while evading the inevitable deluge of "A/S/L/?" demands in the plaza, there's actually remarkably little to do. So GamesRadar has decided to step in and shake up the fun with some patented GamesRadar F***ing About (tm). Try these for size.

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Cajun Chicken3394d ago

Dance and jump up and down infront of people playing Chess or Draughts, they can still see you, get a few people to join in with you. Hillarious.

SAiOSiN3394d ago

I went into home like 3-4 times. I cannot stand there. People are so ignorant and annoying, also there are barely and features worth mentioning. Once there was this fat dude randomly blabbing about he gets laid more than everyone else and kept calling people [email protected] I seriously cannot stand those kind of people. Especially kids on CoD4.

Dir_en_grey3394d ago

I always get satisfaction on reporting assholes.

I tell them that I am going to report them and other people might also do the same thing. The Mods view the text logs so don't say anything nasty back to them, just let them get a taste of what they deserve from being a dumb ass, then you'll see them apologize, cry like a baby, or go insane, then just mute them for your ultimate sadistic pleasure =)

Blademask3394d ago

People complaining about rudeness online is amazing. Considering its 1994.. wait.. its 2009. One has to only go as far as youtube to see how being online turns most people into racist/sexist/dkheads in general. I'm talking about the comment section. Even online forums/yahoo help devolves every now and then. I don't think its a valid complaint. What is valid is how there really is not much to do in home. After the initial I'm-finally-in wears off, its boring. You can have fun though when your friends show up. But that fun is pretty limited.

Sony showed off a ton of stuff when they said they were laucning the open beta. I feel like none of the stuff was ready, and the beta was useless. Half of the features from the beta were removed. Its definitely a joke right now, yeah they are going to keep cracking at it and they will get it going. It just needs 4-5 more things to do. It needs more clothing options, the one Sony advertised. I'd be a bit more upset, but its free.

-Game launching!!
Is the most important must right now, Although you can just launch the game over XMB and find the friend you just met. It was definitely cooler in the beta to walk around with a game launch icon, and let people in. Its perfect for times like "hey who wants to play some warhawk?" After you talk a bit.

-more things to customize your place with. Since its private, you need to have the ability to put up your own pictures. Your home private spaces should be 18+.
-Diesel/Channel clothing
-more leisure games, cards/pinball
-more real games incorporated into home, like the water-ufo game in the Redbull flying thingie.

They did a good job with the servers/load. The theater compression is better, the bowling is fine.

Right now HOME is the thing to do when you don't quite know which game you want to play yet. So you just hop in to buzz around. If thats the goal, great. But i feel like Sony wants home to be more of a destination, than just something to do when you are bored.

SAiOSiN3394d ago

I totally agree with your comment. Home promised to revolutionize the online community, and all it did was bring Second Life to a console with less features...WTF Sony? BTW, I am not a fanboy, even though I prefer my PS3 over my 360, I just speak what's on my mind. Sony just failed with Home.

S1CKLY3394d ago

nice essay.. care to shorten it so some of us might give a [email protected]#k?

Silvia0073394d ago

Online life is a limited sh!t place for people who have limitless time to waste.

I barely have enough time in this life as it is, let alone spend countless hours on MMO's and 2nd lives. Haven't even logged onto home yet and will never will.

Milky Joe3393d ago

"Home promised to revolutionize the online community"

You got the tense wrong. It should say "Home PROMISES to revolutionise the online community" That's 'promises' not 'promised'. You talk about it like that's it. Like what we have now is all we're going to get.

I can't be bothered going through all of this AGAIN, because there are so many people like you out there that just refuse to remember all the times that Sony said that when the open beta is released it would be pretty short on features. Basically, it is not anywhere near finished.

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SAiOSiN3394d ago

The features they added in are nice, but it just doesn't live up to the hype. They should of just kept in private beta. That way less people would be upset with it.

Milky Joe3393d ago

If they left in in Private Beta, people would be all "Oh look, Sony delayed Home again. Sony never keep their promises!" and if the released it without all the features people would be like "Oh look, Home is such a let down because it doesn't have any of the things Sony promised us (which, for the most-part, they actually didn't), Sony never keep their promises!"

That's what people call a Catch 22. At least this way, people can actually get a feel for Home.

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