GamesRadar: 15 big 2009 games you've probably forgotten about

You've spent the money for rebuilding the orphanage on videogames, and already you're wanting more? Fair enough, though GamesRadar defies you to remember all of 2009's hot prospects with so much Fallout 3 in your brain. Here, because they love you, is a quick rundown of the ones that slipped off the radar yet still have the potential for greatness.

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SAiOSiN3399d ago

The Alien game is the only that looks promising IMO.

creeping judas3399d ago

Driver5 now that would be awesome. I remember the 1st two were the BOMB on the PS1.

Panthers3399d ago

That was before GTA3 put them to shame.

Sure GTA isnt nearly as realistic when it comes to escaping the police, but its a lot more fun.

Driv3r was horrible too.

Gun_Senshi3399d ago

loads of pc games..

Duke Nukem will not come in 2009 lol

JDW3399d ago

Looks like a good 2009 for PC.

Panipal20053398d ago

Some they missed:-

I Am Alive

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