Diehard GameFAN: Destroy All Humans! PotF Review

Even with all of the new weapons and powers, the game still feels a little too similar to past games. The graphical glitches are horrible, and the whole thing feels more like a beta of the game than a finished game. With all that in mind, the story is still amusing and Diehard GameFAN enjoyed a lot of the new concepts like stopping time that are in Path of the Furon. It felt like there was a lot of potential with Path of the Furon, and while most of that potential was wasted there are still some bright moments and at a budget price it worth playing if you liked the other games.

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Cajun Chicken3363d ago

Hmm...these the reviews for this game are getting less heavy handed, I'll have to have a look in when I have a chance. Hopefully the EU release will be tweaked.