Top 5 Blizzard Games

Blizzard is easily one of the greatest PC game creators of all time. Unlike many companies who release game after game, the people at Blizzard take their time and release only the most epic games. They are the definition of quality over quantity. They have even been known to pull games months before release because they aren't completely satisfied with the product. We here at OW have always been huge fans of Blizzard and actually wish that their games weren't so good. Hours of my life have been and still are being burned away staring at my computer screen trying to invade that last base or get that last piece of epic gear. Every game is Blizzard's best game and with the release of the new WOW expansion and on the eve of the releases of sequels to both Starcraft and Diablo, here is our two cents on the matter.

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silky3397d ago

Agreed, though with so many good games, the chance of leaving one out was a high one. Persoanally d2 would be #1 for me, followed by WoW, starcraft, warcraft 3 and diablo :)

RKRigney3397d ago

I never could get into Starcraft. I think there's something wrong with me.

DDP3397d ago

yeah i'd say there is something majorly wrong with you. maybe a tumor?

Stoneroses63003397d ago

Starcraft above Warcraft 2...:(

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The story is too old to be commented.