PS3 How To: Using the PS3 Visualizer

PS Blog: "Last but not least, today's "How To" video will teach you how to use the Visualizer on the PLAYSTATION 3. The Visualizer provides a great background to your favorite music on your TV screen. There are a variety of designs to choose from so pick your favorite and use it next time you listen to your music on your console. Let us know if there are other videos you would be interested in seeing, and I hope you are all off to a great 2009!"

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pp3483d ago

That's funny i didn't know ps3 had a SH*TALIZER.

MaximusPrime3483d ago

its PeePee and his beloved xbox 360.

didnt you know that you can make scrambled eggs using xbox 360?
didnt you know that xbox 360 can keep you warm during winter?

Theres so much stuff that you dont know about xbox 360 apart from insering disc and using controller.

3483d ago
Dir_en_grey3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Instead of this very minor option, they should come out w/ a tutorial on how to connect your PSP to your PS3.

A lot of people didn't even know about Remote Play and that function is awsome. You can power on/off your PS3 with your PSP via wireless lan at home or through the internet if you are away from home.

If you download alot of movies/tv shows/anime or mp3 or even manga/pictures, you probably store it on a portable hard drive already. All you have to do is plug that USB hard drive to your PS3 to view all those content (u don't even need to move the files into the specified folders that the PS3 defaults to, u have a browse all function under the USB hdd icon) on your PS3

And when you are away from your TV at home or away from home, u can still watch movies, read manga, and listen to the music that are on your USB HDD at home and view them through your PSP.

There are also a few PS3 games you can play, and ALL PS1 games can be played through Remote Play. Only thing u can't do is watch Bluray or DVD through remote play, but I think that's just for copyright reasons... but u can always just rip them on to your HDD and view them as normal video files.

I totally suggest people register their PSP to the PS3 and utilize the Remote Play function. Just remember to put a password when buying stuff on the PSN because if your PSP gets lost, people could just use remote play and buy whole bunch of crap for you on the PS3 PSN or PSP PSN store.

GrandTheftZamboni3483d ago

I agree with you PSP connectivity suggestions, but I also find this short info useful. I figured there must be a way to change visualization, but I never bothered when playing music. Now I know it's right under the square button.

f7897903483d ago

Anyone who does not mod their PSP is missing out. FF7 (ps1) will never be released again but that didnt stop me from getting it on to my PSP. Runs flawlessly.

Godmars2903483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

They could have the instructional videos already installed. Set a few up to play the first time the PS3 is turned on with the option to delete them later.

Also, how come I don't have that last visualization? How come they don't offer more through PSN?

ultimolu3483d ago

...Damn PS3. It has so many features I barely know about, lol. I need to educate myself.

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uckitsayitchbay3483d ago

What kind of ps3 newb didn't already know this?

nirun3483d ago

lol honestly... i guess this video is for all the casual users finally smartening up and buying the media/videogame powerhouse

zalifer3483d ago

Was that a tutorial to teach people how to press square?

Either way, I love the visualizations on PS3. The 360 ones are not as good, but what they do have is interactivity. Its really cool, and can take input from up to 4 controllers. Hopefully the 360 will get better visualizations, and the ps3 will get interactivity.

GrandTheftZamboni3483d ago

I remember over a year ago you could change the direction and intensity of the waves in one of the visualizers on PS3 with the controller. I haven't tried it since.

Kyur4ThePain3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

you still can.


It's the psychodelic one...push left / right on the right thumb stick (I think) to change it.

nirun3483d ago

which visualization is this? how is it controlled?

I'd like to know more :o

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