New Monster Hunter 3 screenshots

Some new screenshots of Monster Hunter 3 have been released.

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TruthbeTold3482d ago

This is a good looking game.

Godmars2903482d ago

Considering the size of those pics I don't see why they weren't posted directly.

3482d ago
mrdxpr23482d ago

if only the game would have come out to ps3 then that game would be kick @$$ but on wii its gona be wiiable lol... but still getting it my wii will get some use just hope the game comes out quick before i sell the damn thing

NaiNaiNai3482d ago

ps3 or the 360 would be nice. sucks thats in wii exclusive

Godmars2903482d ago

They'd also be obligated to two versions for each.

they're a good but lazy company.

Shnazzyone3482d ago

awesome... hope north america gets to play this one soon. First it has to hit japan tho. Just one more kick ass nintendo exclusive. UHH!