Final Fantasy XIII being advertised in Home

Apon entering the Japanese PlayStation Home there are a few new changes including a wintery scene and a nice Happy New Year from the staff. Also included is the latest addition of the News Report video playing in the square which advertises Final Fantasy XIII.

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shadowghost7523427d ago

I hope the Eu home area gets updated soon, i want more content!

meepmoopmeep3427d ago

i wonder if you have to go behind a closed door to see the FF stuff

theusedfake3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

lol maybe they'll put a closed mega theater in home.

gameraxis3427d ago

but they're advertising to the people that will (most likely) already be getting FF13 for the ps3...

PotNoodle3427d ago

They just want to make sure everyone knows they can only get the japanese version of the game on PS3.

xwabbit3427d ago

Lol i dk y u got disagrees gamer, what u say is true.

Spike473427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

transfer that to my American account? I've heard the Asian Home is way better than those in the West.

Skyreno3427d ago

lol thats cool hope that can put Killzone 2 and other games that almost relesing this year, all cool advertisement here Home hoping ..nahh it will happen!! ^^

Counter_ACT3427d ago

Theyve been advertising Killzone 2 since the closed beta. :P

meepmoopmeep3427d ago

i hope you guys are different people
but i mean, there's nothing wrong with Multiple Personality Disorder, either


DragonWarrior465343427d ago

Home? I forgot about that application. Stopped using it since I could only chat with one person at a time.

Counter_ACT3427d ago

What are you talking about? When you speak its public. You can chat with as many people that are near you.

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