Resident Evil 5 producer 'worried' about Western devs

Jun Takeuchi, producer of Resident Evil 5, has admitted that he is 'worried' about the impact of Western developers will have in Japan this year.

When asked by Famitsu what he thought 2009 would bring, Takeuchi said: "I'm worried about the movements of Western developers. Japan is now their target - it's the last big marketplace. The truth is that Western studios are making great games, and they're going to continue to do so next year too.

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Hiruma Youchi3514d ago

Indeed.Japanese Devs Will have to push Harder Nowadays to make good games. Western devs have learned alot in the recent years.

Faztkiller3514d ago

Yeah they need to pick it up they are falling behind

Bnet3433514d ago

What is a Western game that appeals to Japanese? I can't even think of one.

Hiruma Youchi3514d ago

Well GTA4 did good over there. And So did Fable2 and Fallout. So I would also imagine that they would enjoy games like Dead space and Dark Sector. Japanese devs need to put some more effort on refreshing the concepts of the main games they play.

propheta3514d ago

I think I know what Jun means: western-developed games are becoming more and more popular all around the world and Japan is their final destination. Halo 3 was very successful in Japan, last year, for one.

I don't think both western and eastern game design are at their best right now, even though there's still a very large difference between US games and Japanese games: I recognize Japan's absolute supremacy in this field, of course. US studios just happen to make their games a little shinier, albeit empty. Just compare the best US developed game from the last 5 years with the best game developed in Japan in the same period. Not even close.

QQcrybaby3513d ago

Blizzard and Valve are laughing their heads off at your comment.

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PotNoodle3514d ago

Because he feels they may not be able keep up with the western devs if their games become really popular over in japan.

Xbox Street Gang3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

They should be worried. RE5 still plays like a PS2 game.

Yi-Long3514d ago

... I'm affraid that they'll try to make 'western' games, instead of making the games they were great at making.

There's room and a market for 'japanese' games, and for 'western' games. I really hope they won't just look at the succes of 'western games' and all try to make very samey, simular games.

Unicron3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I have to agree. Room for both, and I feel both are necessary. What should matter above all else is content and quality. For example - Namco Bandai. Bad, bad bad. Their stunts with DLC for Soul Calibur IV and Ace Combat 6 are just... well, laughable in both content and pricing I feel. Give your consumers some credit, and they'll appreciate you more, such as with Criterion or Bungie.

Make what your good at, do it well, but CONSIDER the audiences, that's all. Don't attempt to pander to just a "western" audience, or an "eastern" audience. Gamers are fickle enough as it is!

pippoppow3514d ago

The way their games are imagined and presented are origional and dynamic. Guess they may come out with some more games that have shooter elements for more sales in regions like the US. VC is a good example of this done well although sales have lagged unfortunately. If anything the rise of Western Devs will make Japanese Devs up their game.

patterson3514d ago

Well said. I totally agree.

My fear though is if Japanese devs are going to imitate Western devs, then the market will be saturated with FPS' and games like that.

So that I'm not mistaken, I'm not saying "Death to FPS!", not at all, but if that's what most of the games will be like then I think gamers in general will suffer for the lack of variety.

Mad_Rhetoric3514d ago

japanese devs have always been better at making games, RE5 already pwns every western game

MiloGarret3514d ago

Um ok, that's your opinion, mine is the complete opposite. RE5 pwns nothing, it does however get pwned by Dead Space.

ravinash3514d ago

Both are great games and when different companies are forced to keep upping their game then we are the winners.

OOG3514d ago

Id have to disagree over the the past few years Japanese developers seem to be slipping and dont seem to be as technically savy as the western developers in the terms of graphics, physics, etc etc.....Japanese games usually feel a bit dated and havnt really chaged in formula for years...there is the few exceptions like MGS4 but....that is made for a western audience... so what does that tell you? lol

Ah well more competition will help spark better games anyway..

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