Play-Mag Review: Locoroco 2

LocoRoco 2 recycles sound effects, music and lots of the visual design from the classic original. The formula is wonderful enough to forgive such complacency, but it basically means that new PSP owners miss out on nothing by purchasing the first title over this. To be brutally honest, this is more an expansion pack than a proper sequel.

Every level is structured in the same way, with secret passages dotted around the environment, 20 potential LocoRoco to collect and the Moja army out to eat the adorable coloured blobs. The differences, such as several brand new mini-games and deeper customisation of the Mui Mui house, are largely inconsequential, but the platforming remains solid. We didn't expect an overhaul, but the fact that only one new collectable (music notes, obtained through a rhythm-action mini-game) has changed, the setup seems a little stubborn to us.

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