Coming soon: Ghajini computer game

Infotech reports: "Now that the producers of "Ghajini" have claimed to make profits of more than Rs 1 billion in the first five days of its release, it's time to move the film's success to another level.

A PC game, named Ghajini The Game, featuring Aamir Khan, is ready to hit the market this week. Earlier the video game was scheduled to hit the market a month before the "Ghajini" release.

"But we wanted to polish it up more, and use it as a USP after the film's release when audiences are really interested in the chase aspect of the plot that manoeuvres the game," says "Ghajini" producer Madhu Mantena.

Designed by Shashi Reddy, chairperson of FX Labs and Ghajini's co-producer Madhu Mantena, Ghajini The Game was executed at a cost approximately Rs 30 million."

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