Two/three more PixelJunk games in 09

CVG reports: "Q-Games president and executive producer, Dylan Cuthbert, reckons 2009 is going to be a great year for PSN gaming. Why? Because there'll be "two or three" more PixelJunk games coming, that's why.

Q-Games earned a name for itself with PixelJunk Monsters, which is still one of our PSN favourites, and PixelJunt Eden is pretty funky too. And there's plenty more to come this year."

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solideagle13400d ago

playstation owners.

Faztkiller3400d ago

I liked PJM But not Eden but i cant wait to see what they got in store for my PS3

crck3400d ago

With 4 player co-op. That would be awesome.

Dark_Overlord3400d ago

they said they were doing 6 different game sin the series, however that doesn't mean they couldn't release a new expansion pack for PJM

Fadixon3400d ago

a new Pixel Junk Racers plx :D

wutangkillabees3400d ago

yeah pixel junk monsters is so hard. i hope they do another expansion and release online co op