PS3 Beats Wii on Internet Use

With more than 30 million Wiis sold into homes in its life to date compared to 16 million PS3s and both with Internet browsers, you might expect that Nintendo's family-friendly box to have a larger 'market share' on the Net than the former.

You'd be wrong. A new report from Marketshare indicates that PlayStation 3 owners like to use their console (sorry, Interactive Entertainment System) for Web use than those people playing with their Wiis in December 2008.

With Microsoft's Xbox 360 not having a browser, it doesn't figure in the stats.

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N4PS3G3488d ago

Nintendo's machine gets 0.01% of 'operating system market share' compared to the PS3's 0.04%

That was funny :)

sa_nick3488d ago

It was funny, but it also make his comment from before sound very deceiving.

"The gap between the PS3 and Wii is not huge, 0.03 of a percent in fact"

.03 of a % doesn't sound like much, until yeah realize he's comparing .01 to .04.

So basically, this .03% gap means PS3 has FOUR TIMES as much browser usage as Wii, which has sold twice as many consoles.

militant073488d ago

but the internet browser in the WII is add on and cost 5$ unlike playstation 3 internet browser

sa_nick3488d ago

I didn't know it didn't come free. I spose that's why the ratio's are so insane.

JOLLY13488d ago

Isn't that bad? People are using a gaming console to browse the internet. How is there game playing usage?

mint royale3488d ago

A community website like n4g really does show up the trashy reporting on video games which is a shame because n4g has the potential to be a brilliant website. All we seem to get is trashy articles bashing the flavour of the month - recently ps3 bashing was all the rage and before articles claiming the 360's imminent death and even the wii's death 18 months ago. Facts seem hard to come by. For example, in this article the author hasn't researched sales at all - the wii is not at 30 million - next month it will pass 50 million and the ps3 will soon reach 20 million not 16.

Sorry for the mis placed rant its just annoying.

dktxx23488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

No jolly, its not a bad thing. Just because people use a console for other things doesn't mean it isn't being used as a gaming machine also.

Tarasque3488d ago

Browsing on a console when you hvae a Pc is so very stupid. So yes if you reply to me from a console you are an idiot.

Tarasque3488d ago

And actually the browser was free if you had a wii i think within the first few months.

thereapersson3487d ago

Actually Tarasque, the PS3's browser has some sort of conflict with N4G's javascript, preventing one from logging into their account.

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pp3488d ago

So it goes to prove droids use the web browser more than they play game's. No wonder the game sales for ps3 are low it doesn't look good for Killzone 2 coming out and selling well.

MaximusPrime3488d ago

lol @ your comment.

you are one of the stupidest xbots i ever came across with.

are you Zhuk's long-lost brother?

TheColbertinator3488d ago

@Maximus Prime

Don't even bash on Zhuk.

Zhuk is one of the best members on this site and makes the most epic comments on this site.All other wannabe- trolls just copy and paste the same garbage unlike Zhuk or Dark Sniper.

zep3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

lol man what are you talking about?
Zhuk=is one of the best Xbot on this site
makes the most epic comments bashing PS3 and anything related on it and keep praising the shlty hardware.but hes not annoying like pp lol

MaximusPrime3488d ago

True, Zhuk is one of the best xbot. he kept this n4g open-zone entertaining.

Varsarus3488d ago

I heard pp could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

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Arsenal4Ever3488d ago

Michael Patcher : "There aren't more than 1 million people on PSN".

Wow, that's all i have to say.

ChickeyCantor3488d ago

Did you even read =_=.
It's about Browser usage.

Godmars2903488d ago

Which should tell you a ton about the man...

MGOelite3488d ago

WHERE DOES IT COMPARE INTERNET USE TO GAMEPLAY YOU ABSOLUTE TOOL! i bet your parents really hate you if your like this in real life.

hows it our fault if microsoft left out a obvious feature what should have been included

Firstkn1ghT3488d ago

What the hell is an MGO elite? Are you talking about that crappy game MGO??? Are you telling me you actually play that game AND good at it? LMAO. You must be 10 years old.

MGOelite3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

i liked the game at the time i made the account and i cba making new one, my gametrailer account is exact same, and no im not 10, but i dont see how the random name i choose is relevant to this and btw i am good at it, rank 26 world wide on survival, but ive stopped playing now

Firstkn1ghT3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Well your name just gives me a chuckle so I just wanted to know if you were a "pro" at that crappy game. This article is made of nooby sauce so who really cares. Anyway back at your name, I would of respected you more if you said HaloElite or CODelite or even Resistance Elite but MGO???? CMON MAN!

MGOelite3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

as well how is MGO a crap game? fair enough they screwed us over with the konami IP which was stupid but as soon as you got online it well a very good game and it still has a very strong community

EDIT: i hated halo 3, wasnt too fond of cod4 (gave up at prestige 7) and resistance 2 didnt come out for another 6 months why i made my account,

Firstkn1ghT3488d ago

Alright, you have your preference. Fair enough. I still believe Halo 3 is the most competitive next gen game available. No noobs allowed in Halo 3. MGO to me plays like Lost Planet online.

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JDW3488d ago

Not really a contest though.....the Wii online experience is absolutely dreadful, while the PS3 is improving quickly.

Voiceofreason3488d ago

They are talking about web browsing.. And that is all. When it comes to which system gets played more Wii doubles the play time of PS3.

anh_duong3488d ago

voiceofreason, i think you are actually wrong on this one. check a recent report on playtime and you will find that the average ps3 gets a lot more playtime than the average wii. and furthermore, the total wii usage is not double total ps3 usage.

mint royale3488d ago

but in total playtime (what the recent article was about) the wii has alot more playtime than the ps3 due to its higher userbase.

Tarasque3488d ago

Actually you are so very wrong the Wii over doubles the Ps3 usage, you can talk your fanboy BS somwhere else.

Tiberium3488d ago

that's a lot of time not spent playing games.

anh_duong3487d ago

there are almost 3 times as many wii in the states as ps3

but according to nielsen total usage of wii is not even double that of the ps3

hence what i stated is correct i.e. a typical ps3 gets a lot more usage than a typical wii.

so tarasque think before you speak because in this instance you are the fanboy here

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