Game Developers May Now Use Popeye in Their Games

Games developers may now make games based on the Popeye charecter and use it in their games since it's been 70 years after creator's death and the copyright have expired.

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Capt CHAOS3265d ago

Popeye's revenge..

Popeye wiv guns.

Popeye idol (get it?).

There you go, there are a few game titles to work with..

SaiyanFury3265d ago

I can see it now: Popeye goes postal after having to eat so much spinach over the years and takes hostages demanding that unless he gets a good T-bone steak he'll pop off every one of em. Just some food for thought.

barom3265d ago

I thought this was already allowed. I remember seeing a whole episode of Popeye in The Darkness demo.

solideagle13265d ago

Little Big Popeye
metal gear solid: spinach of popeye
uncharted: olive's fortune
resistance: rise of popeye
cool eh?

hendersonman3265d ago

No just one popeye game next year its going to be a sequel to the nintendo arcade game. Its going to have slightly bettergraphics and waggle controls.

Dark_Overlord3265d ago

thats why Cliff Richard was kicking up a fuss not so long ago, because people could use his earlier songs without paying a fee

Lon3wolf3265d ago


I can just see it now 4,000 Popeye games coming in 2009.

thebudgetgamer3265d ago

does anyone remember the arcade popeye game from the 80s that game was sweet


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The story is too old to be commented.