Video games 'causing speech problems for toddlers'

MCV reports: "Video games have been blamed for helping create speech problems amongst toddlers – ahead of a possible nationwide screening programme of the problem. Two-year-olds will reportedly be screened to tackle the problem which experts say is now more prevalent than dyslexia or autism."

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FreestyleBarnacle3487d ago

"The decline of the traditional family meal time, the long-hours culture in the parents' workplaces, poor childcare with little stimulation and social deprivation are also being blamed."

So any day now the Daily Mail and the Telegraph will start to call for a shorter working week, better childcare and social equality.

Nah, let's ban games instead.

masterg3487d ago

My god...
I have a girl who is soon turning 3.
The only game she has ever tried is LittleBigPlanet, and thats about a total of 3 hours of building bears, cows and what not.
So I guess Im lucky she speaks perfectly.

If Im playing Gears of War of anything like that I turn it off as soon as she enters the room.

f7897903487d ago

This is from parents not parenting and setting their kids in front of the TV to get out of socializing with them. They don't talk to their kids so their kids don't talk and they don't learn to speak properly.

Main_Street_Saint3487d ago

How true; it's time that everyone stops using Video games and technology in general for the ills that trouble young children.

FreestyleBarnacle3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I think you'll find that's it's due to technology that children find things to be troubled about. Without technology children would realise much later that the world is rigged against them and that their parents generation are plundering all the resources thus leaving them with nothing. Without that technology spreading this information they would all still be happy to work excessive hours for little money looking forward to a weekend or packaged holiday.

boodybandit3487d ago

Excellent and well said!

phosphor1123487d ago

So, why are toddlers playing video games anyway? Give them a Websters, they'll love you for it..

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edhe3487d ago

Don't blame the parents, blame everyone else!

However, toddlers should not be playing games that aren't educational anyway. I'd rather have my son on a Leapfrog than xbla or wii.

Bottom line? spend more time with your kids.

ThaGeNeCySt3487d ago

Totally agree.. my 2 year old only plays leapfrog games and that's not all the time because he doesn't like to sit in 1 place.. hasn't touched my PS3 or 360 outside of a lap or 2 in Forza... but other than that, he's not really a fan of video games at the moment.

SONYSLAVE3487d ago

wow look at the picture of the two kids I bet most N4G sonyfanboys are about their age.
could be even juuken and Thatcanadiandroid

LeonSKennedy4Life3487d ago

It's so easy, but I can't bring myself to say it...

TheColbertinator3487d ago

Did SONYSLAVE just set himself up? :S

Timesplitter143487d ago

toddlers, by definition, have speech problems

GlibGamer3487d ago

Oh geez, here you come with your "logic" and your "reason"! LOL.

Seriously, I can see if the kids progress out of toddlerhood and still have gnarly speech patterns/problems forming words then I can agree parents screwed their kids over during their formative years.

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