Killzone 2 gifs compilation

Amazing Killzone 2 60 animated gifs


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jkhan3515d ago

One word
just WOW, the game looks amazing, just amazing. I think the lightening is one thing that sets itself miles apart anything ever seen on consoles, i mean we have seen high poly character models in games like MGS4, R2, Gears 1 & 2 and Uncharted, plus we have seen high res textures but the lightening is way beyond every game on console.

Unicron3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

It's quite impressive seeing the game in person. Especially when you shoot something metallic... the bullet hole glows for a sec, throwing off sparks from the bullet that actually bounce around a bit before disappearing. This little attention to detail really adds to the immersion of the world.

Oh yeah, the fire is also unbelievable.

Kleptic3515d ago

texture wise...killzone 2 does do some things other console games have not...uncompressed textures are spun off the blu ray, freeing up memory and processing power usually needed for 'unpacking' the textures...however this process wasn't finished until the preview code of the game was released...the beta, and everything shown before december DID NOT do judging earlier texture detail is entirely moot...

the game has some incredible ground textures from what I have seen...but the beta definitely had some wall textures that were not as impressive (not bad at all, but nothing like the ground)...its unknown if the final game will remain that way...

but there are 2 places that killzone 2 is 100% untouched by ANY game to animation...the hit response system is more advanced and looks better than any enemy animation system of any game ever made...the motion capturing of the game borders on insane...its an area where killzone 2 has absolutely zero competition...

and the lighting is also ridiculously awesome...every light source that you see is a real in it casts light onto surfaces, and creates dynamic shadows around everything that it should...this goes from bolts of lightning, to muzzle flares from both you and enemies, to the red goggles of the helghast...its incredible...

SONYSLAVE3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Killzone 2 THE ONLY PS3rd game besides MGS4 to maybe sell more than 5 million copies but it won't 2 million tops, mostly american gamers will be buy it.

then back to Blu-Ray

MGOelite3515d ago

lol wtf is your problem really?? do you get your jollies from being an annoying lil b!tch?,

answer this question honestly, since they both relese on the same day

what would you rather play? killzone 2 or halo wars

MaximusPrime3515d ago

he's just jealous of PS3.

We all know PS3 is much better than xbox 360

Sangria3515d ago

I was playing the closed beta and yes, Killzone 2 is clearly awesome. IMO, it will be just like Resistance or MotorStorm, not a blockbuster but good enough to reach the millions in some weeks. I didn't enjoy that much online playing since Call Of Duty 4.

LinuxGuru3515d ago

Not a blockbuster? From people that have been actually playing the game....they've said it's incredibly addicting and that the production values are absolutely stellar...more so than anything they've ever seen.

I see no reason KZ2 can't be a blockbuster title.

Xbox Street Gang3515d ago

Well, Call of Duty didn't start to be a real blockbuster until Cod 4 came out. The others didn't sell 10 million copies. It was because of great production values, great gameplay, and great online. Also, look at a game like Gears, people definitely don't buy it solely for it's online- just the over all great package.

FantasyStar3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Only to the Console world. In the PC World, CoD1's been a big hit since 2004, their expansions and the inevitable CoD2 which really spearheaded the franchise.

Sangria3514d ago

Yes, KillZone 2 is really awesome, i admit it. Yes, i wish it could defy Gears Of War sales rate. But since LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc... released, i noticed that:
1- Sony clearly don't advertise enough its games;
2- Big load of advertising is the key to couple with good game to make huge sales;
3- PS3 owners seems to prefer to wait before to buy, explaining why highly-rated games like LBP, Resistance 2, Uncharted,... took so much time to reach the millions.

So yes, even if KillZone 2 seems to be the best FPS so far, unless Sony does huge advertising on it, i highly doubt it will be a system-killer and just like its predecessor, i guess it will take time to reach the sales numbers it deserves.

liquidsnake3514d ago

Actually, neither MGS4 or Uncharted had that long to reach millions. Especially MGS4.

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LinuxGuru3515d ago

My eyes will bleed when I play Killzone 2, and I will enjoy every second of it.

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