Peter Moore - "WTF? (Where The hell is FIFA 09?)"

Gamertag Radio reports: I guess Peter Moore (President of EA Sports division of Electronic Arts) isn't too happy with the recent "Top Games Of The Year" list. His first blog post of 2009 starts of with WTF? (Where The hell is FIFA 09?).

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Bob Dole3362d ago

Don't really care for soccer. Might rent it or something. It's gotta be better than GTA4.

Arsenal4Ever3362d ago

It's not soccer - it's football :), and I agree it shouldn't get GOTY cause its a sport game but it was the best one this year.

anh_duong3362d ago

i actually agree with peter on this one. eurogamer top 50 post is very bizarre.

kapedkrusader3362d ago buy it. If you don't like it, save your money and don't rent it.

@ Arsenal4ever- it's not football, it's futbol.

jromao3362d ago

FIFA is for kids, kid games don't hit the top or near. Fifa sales are something because EA marketing, true soccer players play PES since ever.

resistance1003362d ago


Thats what i used to think, however i picked up FIFA 09 in the sales (first fifa game i have played since 2002) and i've been really impressed by it, Fifa 09 is better by PES 09 by some distance.

Diugu3362d ago

Same here, always prefered PES.. but this year Fifa takes the crown. Fifa09 is simply a lot better than PES09, there is just no comparison.

Its sad though... I used to like PES a lot, hopefully they will improve next year... competition like this is a good thing, games will get better.

PS: It is Futebol. ;D

slak3362d ago

Too human is better then that sh!t

Mozilla893362d ago

I would definitely expect FIFA 09 in the top 50 games this year. It was a brilliant soccer game and it still has me hooked.

mint royale3362d ago

he has a point.

And it isn't futbol its football.

I like madden too this year. Its the best american soccer game yet.

dylz3361d ago

1. it deppends where you come from if u are from america, australia, new zealand or any other country where soccer isn't the first sport its soccer if u come from any other contry it's futball

2. Pes use to have the best gameplay easily but in 09 I think they really dropped the ball and fifa has taken the crown

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edhe3362d ago

I don't believe any sport game should be on a game of the year list - it's just a sports game ffs. Sports games are what you play if you want to play the sport, but can't; not if you're an avid gamer looking for fresh experiences.

It's like asking why an almanac isn't in the top sellers for drama in book stores.

PureGamer3362d ago

funny i play a lot of football and im quite good yet i still play fifa or pes. Seems as if your the kid who never was any good at any sport and just needs to put everyone else down who is.

edhe3362d ago

Nah, gaming press agrees with my pov, :)

I've played the hell out of many football games but there's nothing fresh there. It's like re-releasing DooM for 15 years.. every year just tweaks and different names.

Senden3362d ago

I agree with Peter Moore on this.. how can fifa not get in the top 50? For me, it's my top game at the moment. Not only does it faithfully recreate the beautiful game, it also gives you more offline and online options than any other game i've played. The adidas live season thingie is also a huge implementation and definately has set a completely new standard of what should be expected in a sports game.

jesterlives3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Fifa 09 is a brilliant game no matter what genre you want to label it. If a sports movie can win an Oscar then maybe it's time for sports games to get some recognition. Come on gaming sites, stop being so narrow minded.

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