IE share slides record amount, ends 2008 down 10%

Internet Explorer's market share plunged by a record-setting amount during December, Web metrics vendor Net Applications Inc. said today.

Microsoft Corp.'s browser lost 1.6 percentage points of its market share last month, ending December with a 68.2% share, down from November's 69.8%. Since the end of October, IE has lost 3.1 percentage points, nearly half of its total 2008 losses.

IE ended the year down 7.9 percentage points, a 10.4% decline in its share since December 2007.

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Lord Anubis3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Well done comrades. We will be victorious. Evil will not prevail!

with open source we will be victorious. Keep spreading the love.

TheColbertinator3365d ago

Looks like Firefox has gained steam.I'm impressed.

verb3k3365d ago

Now our next strong opponent is Google Chrome. Mozilla has to always go that extra mile and squeeze every bit of performance to beat Google.

whoelse3365d ago

It would be nice to reach 50% by 2010. I mean we now have Google Chrome!

Bubble Buddy3365d ago

Using firefox right now. (Y). IE doesn't even come close to it. -_-.

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ForROME3365d ago

Eff firefox, all about chrome

Bob Dole3365d ago

Both are better than IE though.

Viper73365d ago

Opera and Firefox for the win.

I dont even have Internet explorer on my computer :P

verb3k3365d ago

Firefox has one big advantage over Opera and Chrome: Extensibility.
That's why FF FTW!

Viper73365d ago

Opera has one big advantage over firefox, it doesnt take ages to open up and it works way faster on my computer. However I tend to use both as Firefox seems to work better on some sites with loads of java and flash.

Also loving opera mouse gestures and Speed Dial.

verb3k3365d ago

Gestures and speeddial are available for FF, the only difference is that Mozilla doesn't force you to have them. If you want them, install them.
Opera is loaded with a lot of features that are not used by everybody.

Karum3365d ago

I love Firefox, I've tried Chrome and Opera a fair bit but I much prefer Firefox.

That said any of those are better than IE.


that's the order I like em in anyway.

darkequitus3365d ago

I don't stopwatch my page load. However, I use chrome on an everyday basis and IE 8 B2 when chrome goes wonky. Especiall on Youtube where it sometime says video no longer available. A lie because it works on other broswer. Other site it plays videos for a few seconds then stops.

Karum3365d ago

Yeah I don't bother timing page loads either tbh.

I just like the feel of Firefox really. It operates just great for my taste and I like it's customisation with the themes and stuff for it, the add ons I don't bother with much.

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The story is too old to be commented.