The 10 Best DS Games of 2008

The thing with the DS, particularly in 2008, is that while casual observers can't help but notice there is no shortage of games for the lovable system, anyone paying closer attention will realise the quality of the majority of these releases is so low that they would fail to keep the attention of members of the most secluded tribes of the Amazon Rainforest.

That said, there are still numerous developers around the globe willing and able to craft the kind of gaming experiences that would so captivate the same indigenous groups that they would most likely fail to notice their village becoming a victim to deforestation.

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dylz3333d ago

I would be supprised if some 1 could make a list of ten ds games that are actually fun in its whole lifespan let alone made last year only

PS360WII3333d ago

Well that'd be pretty easy seeing that the DS has some of the best games made so far this gen and is still getting a steady supply of must own games.

Though most console gamers don't really check out the handheld releases to know this.

dylz3333d ago

I actually own all handheld platforms this gen so don't automatically assume I only console gamer. while my comment was rather harsh I was just trying to illustrate the consistency in quality of games for the ds and the psp for that mater is crap

AriesFury3333d ago

Where's Castlevania? What a rip!

farhsa20083333d ago Show
Defiantmac3333d ago

I bet these are the same type of people that would make a top 10 game list and put Final Fantasy IV on there as well as Chrono Trigger, but apparently it wasn't better than games like Ninja Town...?