Gamezebo Review: Leeloo's Talent Agency

Gamezebo: "If you've ever dreamed of a career in Hollywood, but don't fancy working as a waiter while you start, maybe working as a talent agent is a good idea. That's the premise of Leeloo's Talent Agency, a cute but simple time management and hidden object game that has you casting actors, doing make-up, and creating promotional material for up-and-coming stars.

Leeloo was born into a family of actors. Her parents played in many movies, but alas, all in minor roles that no one remembered. Never the less, Leeloo dreamed of following in their footsteps and becoming an actress, but her parents strictly forbade it. They wanted her to be something nice and practical, like a lawyer or a bank teller. Leeloo obeyed and got a degree in economics, but still dreamed of the cinema."

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