Words from Gino D: New IPs are they a dying breed?

Gino D wrote: If you look at some of the upcoming games, most of them seem to be sequels, prequels, or spinoffs of already established franchises: Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Patapon 2, BioShock 2, Resident Evil 5... the list goes on. And I've heard too many complaints out there saying that devs seem to be getting less creative and are opting for the tried-and-tested approach.

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Hiruma Youchi3394d ago

I love the Old IPs and I hope theyll stay around as long that I will be playing games.
But some might take a break for a few year.

yoghurt3394d ago

I think some sequels are win win, eg uncharted, that WILL be good, but I think you can also use a title too much bringing out game upon game with nothing really new

new IP's are always welcome, I think Sony are doing well with doing just that, we infamous, demon souls, heavy rain, quantam theory, mag, wardevil + psn titles. Ok, so they may not all turn out to be good but at least they're bringing something new to the table

PS360WII3394d ago

No they are not people just focus in on the sequels more that's all.