Some new screens of Killzone 2

12 New screens from Gamereactor

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I am not more looking at screen shots.We have less than 2months to go for this game.All will be shown soon...I shall see u there FEB 25TH (IM FROM UK) :)

SonySoldiers3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )


Metacritic's Score estimation : ~89-91 avg.

Life's good, SONY wins.

LeonSKennedy4Life3487d ago

Odds are, it'll be lower than that.

Every critic in the world is looking to tare this thing to shreds. You know they will.

"It's not innovative enough!" (Halo 3)
"The storyline isn't deep enough!" (Ninja Gaiden II)
"It's so hard to get into an online match!" (Gears of War 1 & 2)
"The character models have been done!" (Blue Dragon)
"It's too short!" (Gears of War)

^^^What the reviewers will say^^^

What the reviewers will MEAN: "It's a PS3 game. Low scores equal more hits!"

Counter_ACT3487d ago

^ Aren't all those things true?

liquidsnake3487d ago

CounterAct, that might be true, but Halo 3 didn't do anything new either. If anything that game took us a couple of years back since the gameplay elements were so simple. You can't even aim down the sight in Halo 3 but still the game got 10's and 9's all over.

Halochampian3487d ago

Halo 3 isnt made to be the type of game for aiming down the sights. That slows games down. Halo is the face pace shooting game. Its the game that if you stand still, you are dead.

Master Chief doesnt need sights anyway.

LinuxGuru3487d ago

For someone who can't even spell Champion right, I'd take your opinion as having less weight than the air around me.

thereapersson3487d ago

LeonSKeennedy was simply stating that the same reasons PS3 games get downrated by sites such as EDGE and Gamespot are the same reasons that get overlooked or given a free pass because they're 360 titles.

Halochampian3487d ago

So do you teach linux? Because I am assuming you must be one of the best of the best at it.

You are going to use spelling against me on a gaming website?!? Must be because you had nothing else to use as a rebuttal. Quite sad isnt it?

RebornSpy3487d ago

but can you provide a valid argument against his original statement?

I thought not...

And you can't teach Linux, Halochampian, as it is an OS, not a language.

Halochampian3486d ago

He cant provide a valid argument because he has nothing to back it up.

and you can teach how to use use linux just like there are cds to learn how to use windows.

If he is such a guru, he must be able to make a nice little cd on every single thing on linux, including how to make certain compilers to work and what not.

LinuxGuru3486d ago

LoL, let's keep taking eachother real super-seriously, ok? I'm thoroughly enjoying this =)

rockleex3486d ago

Thanks for ignoring thereapersson's post which explained LeonSKennedy4Life's post.

The point is that if a PS3 FPS didn't include the ability to aim down the gun sights, then it would be deemed too backwards and not up to date. While Halo 3 gets a free pass.

But the bigger point is that Halo 3 doesn't NEED to allow players to aim down the sights. Neither does any PS3 FPS games.

Its called a double standard.

Halochampian3486d ago

No. Everyone thinks everyone is out to get the PS3 and it's complete BS. I am tired of hearing how every freaking sight is BIASED. If kz2 didnt have down the sights, it would be disappointing because it is going for the realistic feel.

What FPS is on the ps3 that lost points for not having the ability to look down the sights?

RebornSpy3486d ago

Since when has the inability to look down the sights of a gun in an FPS made a game automatically inferior to one that did allow you to do so? Many of the games I like allow you to use the sights, but the penalty for this ability is slower movement/gameplay. It is always faster to just shoot from the hip.

Halo, which has faster gameplay than most FPS's, only has a few guns that are "zoomable" in order to maintain a quick pace. And is that a bad thing? Of course not. Guns with scopes allow you to use the scope, and those without scopes require you to fire regularly. Not a big deal.

And this article is about Killzone 2, which will be awesome, so I don't get why we're having an unrelated debate here...

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LeonSKennedy4Life3487d ago

Who else wants a storyline that shows the humanity of the Helghast?

If this is played out like the Civil War...where brothers fought brothers, but played cards with eachother every'd be AWESOME! Does anyone else get what I'm saying? We need to feel compassion for the enemy.

The final question: Do you join the Helghast and what they're REALLY in search of?

jkhan3487d ago

It would have been cooler if they had shown civilians in those houses in the city, should have shown the darker side of either ISA or Helghast. It would have been pretty cool moral dilema, i mean you are shooting Helghast army and people are screaming running around in chaos.:P

ravinash3487d ago

I see what you mean LeonSKennedy4Life.

Its would be a bit like the first world war.
Where they would come out of the trenches on both sides and have Christmas dinner with each other.
Are both side really any different???

Faztkiller3487d ago

i hope not
hope this gets the scores it deserves

Faztkiller3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

some my fav screens

yoghurt3487d ago

leon is right, I expect this game to be incredible, we know the graphics are the best yet, we know (based on beta players and previews) that the game plays very well and is addictive and meaty, yet, we also know when it comes to reviews the game will lose points for things such as 'nothing new here' take off 2 points (Cod4 anyone..great game, but nothing new), then there will be 'dark colours' lose a point.

I agree a game getting less points if there REALLY is major problems, but nit picking is just sad, its more sad that it exists in supposed top end websites. GTA4, no-end of problems, pop-ins, glitches and generally boring but its gets 10's across the board.

Downtown boogey3480d ago

game of all time on Metacritic..? w00t???

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