Impulse Gamer : PES 2009 Review

John Aldino writes "The weather effects, stadiums and in general, the entire game have been professional recreated and could be considered true eye-candy. Champion and Lawrensen make their way back as the commentaries which is actually quite decent, although a little repetitive is still one of the best sporting commentaries that I have heard all year. The banter is also quite realistic and does not seem too forced or contrived and is actually quite humourous too.

In conclusion, PES 2009 is an improvement over its 2008 version that still contains sturdy gameplay and lush graphics to match. The control system of the PS3 is almost perfect and the only complaint of the title is the lackluster Be A Legend mode, however I'm sure Konami will address in this upcoming versions."

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jromao3515d ago

Quality game in all fields.