Impulse Gamer : Rise of the Argonauts Review

Tyrone Williams writes "When it comes to music, Rise of the Argonauts features the music of Tyler Bates who was responsible for the 300 and this majestic score lends itself quite well to this epic struggle of ancient gods and good versus order. As with the music, the sound effects go hand-in-hand with the gameplay and I must admit that the voice acting is quite professional, although at times clichéd and over the top but it actually suits the game quite well.

In conclusion, Rise of the Argonauts is a strong RPG title that contains a different perspective on this genre with a classic story, realistic graphics and a truly majestic sound track with a Hollywood style of voice acting. At times, it may seem like Rise of the Argonauts has been rehashed, however these are far and few as the game continues to shine through its varied and entertaining gameplay. Definitely one for lovers of well-made RPG titles."

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zornik3427d ago

"Definitely one for lovers of well-made RPG titles"
I"m 1 of these gamers and Rise Of The Argonauts is one of the cheapest RPG's i ever played.The only good thing is the story and voice acting but the game is just lame with a lot of recycling.For me it's a 6/10

MK_Red3427d ago

Come on, even voice acting seems bad. Still, the biggest problem of this game is serious lack of polish.