Valkyria Chronicles Contest Win the On the Gallian Front Art Book

Torontothumbs: "Valkyria Chronicles is arguably the best PS3 game of 2008 that you have yet to play. It's a masterpiece that evokes memories of Sega's past classics and shows that the company still has what it takes to remain relevant in today's gaming world. We sincerely hope to see more of this kind of attention to detail from Sega in the future.

In the meantime, however, we have some excellent Valkyria Chronicles prizes to give away, courtesy of Sega of America. They've graciously given us a stack of Valkyria Chronicles art books entitled On the Gallian Front – Field Reports from the Second Europan War. These were pre-order bonuses for the game, and they're now quite sought-after on the aftermarket."

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meepmoopmeep3489d ago

i want this so bad. i never got the artbook


TheColbertinator3489d ago

I have it :)

I just can't find it :(

meepmoopmeep3489d ago


well, i sent them an email and hopefully win one of those

ButterToast3488d ago

its too bad the contest lasts so long, the likely hood of winning is so slim. heres hopping im one of the three winners

Agent VX3488d ago


Why do the Japanese take an interesting concept and completely ruin it with that Kiddie art style.

Couldn't get into Blue Dragon on the 360, FF never did anything for me, and this title looks like a complete dud! Just guess I just hate Japanese games, can't really say much more than that! Boring action based on Kiddie art work = Dud!

meepmoopmeep3488d ago

so are you having fun making your cute Avatars pretty?


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Raoh3488d ago

sent mine as well...

just finished playing a little bit just now. played a few skirmishes to get some exp..

Ryudo3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I finished my first play through about 2 days back. The game is awesome because you get to keep your levels, unlocked characters and weapons to play through again. unlocking hard mode to boot its a great game it deserves far more sales then it got it's at least in the top 5 PS3 exclusives.

UltimateIdiot9113488d ago

Took a break, and just started playing it again. The story and gameplay is really good. I can't wait for the anime.

I feel all sad again being reminded I wasn't able to get my hand on the artbook.

TheColbertinator3488d ago

I can't wait for that DLC in the spring

RoarrrUK3488d ago

There's DLC? I haven't heard anything about DLC for VC. I'm only on Chpt 4 at the moment. Its superb. So refreshing to have a title like this after so long just playing fps/driving etc

ravinash3488d ago

Oh!...I'll be looking forward to that.
I'm only on Ch5 at the moment, its such a great game.
they really need to get word out there because everytime I go to the shops, I have to really look for if you don't know about it, then chances are you won't see it.

UltimateIdiot9113488d ago

I also can't wait for the DLC. I do wish there was a multiplayer, the game is just asking for a multiplayer mode.

KillaManiac3488d ago

Im crossing my fingers for a Trophies patch.

meepmoopmeep3488d ago


i'm not into trophy whoring but damn, VC and MGS4
are MUST HAVE PLATINUM for me!!!

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shadowghost7523488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I can't wait to get the game when i can find it in stores or online, it appears to be sold out every where


the UK, your'e are kidding right £25? I keep checking in game and i cannot find it. I am going into town tomorrow or sunday so i will look again

RoarrrUK3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Whereabouts are you?
In the UK its stold out mostly online, picked it up for 24.99 in GAME as its currently on sale.

Online at game and gameplay its 19.99 but out of stock. It was in my local store for 24.99 which isn't too far away from 19.99.

meepmoopmeep3488d ago

i hope you can find it soon shadow.

solideagle13488d ago

i will buy this game too to support the talented team. disgaea 3 also.

UltimateIdiot9113488d ago

You won't regret either games, I know since I have both. Both are unique in their own way. The humor is great in Disgaea 3 and the story and art is really good in VC.

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