Evil Avatar: Far Cry 2 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "No mutants, no aliens and no Superman suits. It's all about mercenaries and dirty deals from start to finish in Ubisoft's slow-burning gem.

The original Far Cry was released by the now otherwise predisposed Crytek. Based on some excellent tech the game drew a large fan-base. However, the majority disliked the games mutant twist and it held it back from being a true classic. With this sequel Ubisoft have ditched any gimmicks and instead aimed at delivering a free-roaming experience, set in the wilds of Africa, to reclaim the series as their own. They can rest easy but not without looking at a few of the games issues first."

The Good

* Outstanding presentation in every aspect.
* Mission layouts that allow for genuine strategy.
* An engrossing environment that pulls you in.
* Elaborate map design tools with a renewed online community.

The Bad

* Things take a very long time to really get started.
* The story is populated by throw away characters that make it difficult to care about.
* It's a little too long and the missions become repetitive after the game wears out it's welcome.

The Ugly

* You can see your legs whilst driving but not while walking. It doesn't make any sense.

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