HonestGamers LittleBigPlanet Review

HonestGamers: "There are games which we play for hours. There are games which we play for days. There are games we SAY will never get old, and then there are games that really never get old.

And then there's Little Big Planet. Little Big Planet goes beyond a video game. It's an art-form.

Actually, at first glance it's a platformer. A platformer where you play as a little sack person. A little sack person that you can customize to look like anything from a pre-teen school girl to Solid Snake. Then you can watch Solid Snake be eaten by a giant two-dimensional crocodile right outside a strip club for naked mole rats.

Okay, so maybe "standard" wasn't the best word to apply to this game. But really, outside of the kookiness of the style (think Paper Mario meets Katamari Damacy) and creativity of the levels, it does operate like a basic platformer."

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