GamerDad Review: Lost Cases Of Sherlock Holmes

GamerDad: "The last few years has seen a flood of adventure games based on the Sherlock Holmes stories. This makes sense since the adventure genre is rip for clue-based mysteries and Holmes is amongst the most popular ad engaging characters of the mystery field. Most of these games are typical point-and-click adventures - you move from place to place looking for clues to help solve a grand mystery. In this crowded field, Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes does something different.

Unlike the more 'hardcore' adventure games that feature intricate plots and require some familiarity with mystery solving skills and adventure games in general, this is a game that anyone can pick up. Yes it falls into the much ballyhooed 'casual game' genre that is all the rage. But before you click out, realize that 'casual' doesn't necessarily have to have a negative connotation. That is certainly true here: The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes consists of sixteen mysteries that are solved by completing a number of puzzles. There is replayability in that each puzzle has a time limit and you are scored based on time and accuracy - and the elements of each puzzle change eachtime you play!"

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