GameCell: Need For Speed: Undercover Review

With Burnout Paradise dominating the arcade racer genre to the point where this NFS offering is actually quite embarrassing, maybe it's time for a genuine change of direction and to turn the franchise into a proper simulation racer, with in-car views like the Gotham's or Gran Turismo's. Alternatively maybe it should go the other way and head for a GTA-style sandbox game with more freedom and a character who can leave the car, explore and interact with other in-game characters, because sadly Undercover's back story is a waste of time, and its huge environment is just a waste of space.

Best Bits:
- Excellent sound, decent varied soundtrack & Police scanner chatter
- Large roster of cars
- Massive map to drive around
- Police chases can still thrill

Worst Bits:
- Awful frame rate problems and pop-up
- Generally poor graphics
- Strange, colour-saturated look
- Dull, undemanding racing on confined tracks
- Lack of things to discover and little need for exploration

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