PixelJunk Eden Update coming soon

Dulan Cuthbert writes:
Around the second week or so of January there will be a patch which makes (among other things) the large crystals replenish a whole half of your oscillator meter instead of a third.

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Snake Raiser3487d ago

This game was hard for BIG BOSS... not really my thing.

PirateThom3487d ago

There should be a platinum trophy for this game, because getting all the trophies is hard as hell.

UNCyrus3487d ago

This will make getting 2 of the trophies a little bit more manageable for me....

Ryudo3487d ago

I can't remember what the other pixeljunk game is but I remember it being insanely fun. I used to go around my mates and stand there dancing in front of building for ages to stop the incoming danger to my little village. I would buy it on my PS3 but I imagine it being utterly boring alone.

Conan9973487d ago

Pixel Junk Monsters

Its a good time passer game, some of the later levels are really fun cuz they are challenging. Custom soundtrack is good too.

JD_Shadow3487d ago

Wait...PJM has custom soundtracks? When did THIS happen and how do I access it (XMB or somewhere in the game)?

KillaManiac3487d ago

I agree...the trophies are very hard to get and all they alot of bronze and 1 silver...WTF?

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mindedone3487d ago

is that it's the same patch that Japan already got.

JD_Shadow3487d ago

....but they really need to also be a BIT more lenient about the jumping. I seem to never get the hang of it. Everything's going fine until I miss a jump and start falling, and it wouldn't even be HALF as bad if the guy wouldn't JUST miss EVERYTHING on the way down that he could end up landing on. It's like if you're even a PIXEL off (ha, imagine that), then you're not going to connect with a plant that you could hit to break your fall all the way back down to the bottom of the level.

For instance, if you were trying to hit another plant and misjudged how far you have to jump to hit it, then you miss the plant and begin falling. Now, you end up passing three other plants that you're RIGHT near (not doing that flip thing that makes you pass by plants, either), but he never actually lands on them, and instead completely ignores the plant and continues downward. It's SO annoying. I mean, the thing I'm controlling HAS thread, right? So, he must have enough stickiness to him to be able to magnet himself onto a plant that is, like, the tinniest length away.

However, that being said, THIS will help, because if that happens, it take so friggin LONG to get hack to where you are and it kind of defeats the purpose of getting the crystals with the amount they give you before the patch.

whoelse3487d ago

This is a good call. Eden is a very frustrating game and if the difficulty level was notched down very slightly it good make the game more enjoyable.

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