Edge Review: LocoRoco 2

Edge writes: "It's a common misconception that fat things are jolly, but one that the relentlessly rotund and cheerful LocoRocos do little to dispel. It's impossible to play LocoRoco 2 and avoid smiling, singing along and laughing. It's one of the happiest pieces of software ever released, constantly throwing tunes, trinkets and new tricks at the player simply to amuse them.

And for LocoRoco, there is no higher purpose than simple amusement. The visuals are as exceptionally stylised as those of the first game: flat slices of colour, free of textures, cram into every millimetre of the PSP's screen, filling out the collection of bizarre creatures and weird environmental features that make up LocoRoco's world. It's all completely coconuts, of course, but as you fight off angry bees, bop big-eyed monkeys from their trees and collect a 'Yummy Nut' it becomes clear that LocoRoco 2 has the kind of skewed humour that works."

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ugabugaz3518d ago

Why does everyone always forget to mention the two Syphon Filter games when making a "psp has/doesn't have games list"?

In my opinion those are pretty much the best games on there. Especially Logan's Shadow.

RPG Guy3518d ago

Just as it's fun to insult PS3 for no real reason in terms of proof or necessity.

Funny, I'd rather have the 20 decent-great games PSP releases every year than the multitudes of Nintendogs and Pokemon.

geda3518d ago

sweet, so that's like an 8.5 for edge standards?

LeonSKennedy4Life3518d ago

No, it's on the PSP.

That's a 10.

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