Edge: Home At Last

Edge writes: "PlayStation Home, the much-anticipated hub of the PlayStation community, isn't so much a new build as a renovation. It wasn't just conceived at SCEE's internal Team Soho (now simply London Studio), during production of mockney crime caper The Getaway – it was The Getaway.

What if, it was asked, rather than shoot and smash your way out of this picture-perfect capital, you could move in? What if you could rent an apartment and find your own entertainment, not within the confines of script and console but online, together?

"Those days," recalls producer Martijn Van Der Meulen, "when the PS2 broadband adaptor had just been released, there was just this interest in experimentation." It was a surreal proposition, for sure, back when broadband cost the Earth for those lucky enough to live near a telephone exchange, and even then flowed like cement."

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