Darkstation : Top 3 Playstation 3 Games of 2008

Darkstation writes "Metal Gear Solid 4 is not only one of the best games of the year, but one of the best games I've ever played. It has some of the best visuals, the best gameplay, and one of the most compelling and exciting stories I've ever seen. I cannot recommend this game enough, and if you own a PS3 but don't own this then you must buy this game immediately. It also features a solid online mode that has expanded, and will probably grow as the community grows."

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Axecution3489d ago

Jesus... No. I got it at midnight, got about 75% through it, and became insanely bored of it.
Uncharted belongs in #3...

TheColbertinator3489d ago

Uncharted came out in 2007 not 2008

ultimolu3489d ago

MGS4 f*cking rocks. I'm in LBP mode but I have to get back to it. I think I better buy a box of tissues for the ending. o_o

MerkinMax3488d ago

It was the most outstanding game I have ever played. This is coming from a devoted Halo fan. This was the most unique game I had ever played through. The story definitely confused me the first time since I didn't know what anyone was talking about. Their were plenty of references to past events that I had no idea about. I downloaded the MGS Database from the PSN and looked through that for a few days after I beat the game. I played through the game again and it totally blew me away more than the first play through. One example was that I never knew what had happened at Shadow Moses and the flashbacks Snake encounters really made me want to learn what had happened their previously. When he's walking through that hallway to turn the power back on and their are bullet holes and blood stains on wall, and you hear the flashback sounds, I really felt like something important happened there in the past. Great Game. Recommend it to anyone who likes video games.

TheColbertinator3488d ago

That was a great post.Hats off to you,sir.