Xbox Evolved: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "Some people say that beauty is only skin deep. Others would say that's just something that ugly people say. Unfortunately, this aptly describes tri-Ace's latest entry, Infinite Undiscovery, that despite looking quite appealing from the outside in that it features a pretty decent story and comes from the house that has built a name for itself in the RPG space, fails to truly capture the essence of what truly makes a great RPG by fumbling the experience with an overabundance of unnecessary party characters and wonky combat system.

I wanted to like Infinite Undiscovery, I really did. It had all of the right ingredients – development team behind Star Ocean 3, an seemingly interesting real-time action-RPG based combat system, Cosplay dressed kids and the parent company behind the most famous RPG franchise in history, Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, it's poorly executed, rather short, and has major flaws in the combat system that do nothing but chip away from what could have been a pretty good RPG experience."

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