MeriStation: Tekken 6 Preview

Now there is a new tournament at stake, and it's Jin who is in front of Haibatsu Mishima. But little remains of the young nobleman who once renounced his original fighting style. He is now creating an independent state and causing a war of global dimensions.

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PataponKnight3517d ago

Stupid google translator never works for me. :'(

infamous_273517d ago

Fighting games suck now anyways, especially the Tekken series. I only started playing Tekken at the 4th installment and I thought it was pretty good. It could've used easier methods the pull off moves, but good non-the-less.
Then I bought Tekken 5. Wow, it was the exact same as Tekken 4. The best part about Tekken 5 was the mode where you could play Tekken 1-3. WHen I say best I mean most hilarious! Those game's are soo pathedic. They were probably medicore in their day but with today's standards they totally suck!

mintaro3517d ago

You saying Tekken 3 sucked?

silverchode3517d ago

im just looking foward to sf4