PSX Extreme: Velvet Assassin Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "World War II games...we're beginning to not like them. They've grown stale, especially when it comes down to the shooter genre. But how about an action game in likes of Splinter Cell that's inspired by real life events and a real life heroine? Yes, that's right, no bald-headed marine types here, but rather a female. And yes, this is a stealth adventure with a central plot, as opposed to the broader, more generic WWII shooter. So what's the story?

Well, the story is you're Violette Summer, a British Intelligence agent who is deep in a coma after engaging in a variety of conflicts against the Nazis. The character of Violette is inspired by the real life World War II heroine Violette Szabo and her missions as a stealthy saboteur. But because this is a videogame, clearly much of the events will be dramatized for effect and impact. As Violette lies in her coma, the gamer wanders into her mind and recollects all of the events leading up to her comatose state."

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dgroundwater3517d ago

I smell flop. Too bad it is the closest thing to Splinter Cell we will see until Conviction, whenever that comes out.

PirateThom3517d ago

I thought this was a 360 exclusive.