PSX Extreme: DC Universe Online Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "DC Comics has made a notable re-emergence in the media, largely thanks to the massive success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Today, we're seeing more of DC Comics, be it in the movies or on our videogame consoles as the DC heroes battle the warriors of Mortal Kombat. At E3 2008, Sony revealed that they've been working on an all new massively multiplayer online RPG that is focused around the DC Universe. Simply titled DC Universe Online, the concept of the game is similar to that of City of Heroes that was released in 2004 for the PC.

In DC Universe Online, as opposed to taking control of Superman, Batman, and the like, you actually fight along side the DC characters with your own custom superhero. Sony promises an extremely in depth customization aspect for when you're creating your superhero or villain, which can then be upgraded as you play through the game - just like any other MMORPG. Your adventures will cover the entire DC Universe from Gotham City, to Metropolis, among other prominent locales in the DC world. The story is being put together by a collection of well known DC writers, including Geoff Johns, with Jim Lee behind the project as Executive Creative Director."

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