PSX Extreme: Damnation Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "No, this isn't another first person Clive Barker horror game. Damnation is actually an all new property from Codemasters that is a third person action game complete with a multiplayer mode that places a twist on the arena based shooter. Earlier this year, Sega gave us a great arcade shooter called The Club. It was essentially like Twisted Metal, but on with a linear, on-rails path, and a pretty cool combo system to be mastered. Damnation's multiplayer mode is similar to that of The Club, but instead of tacking the gamer to a set path, the gamer's best option would be to go up.

Yes, that's right, up. And this applies to not just the multiplayer aspect, but also to the solo campaign. You see, Damnation is arguably the first shooter where the height leverage is actually a core aspect of the game. The single player game presents the gamer with a number of massive, seamless environments that stretch for miles. These environment feature thousands upon thousands of vertical space that you can easily exploit to your advantage."

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