PSX Extreme: Guitar Hero: Metallica Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "We should start getting used to these themed music games, as Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was a proven success for Activision earlier this year, and now SingStar and Rock Band are getting in on the bandwagon. But before Guitar Hero's actual competitor, Rock Band, can release a themed version of its game, Activision was quick to secure yet another major rock band, one that, arguably, has a broader appeal than Aerosmith. Here comes Guitar Hero: Metallica.

That is not to say that Metallica has sold more records, it's just that fans of Aerosmith are significantly older than fans of Metallica and are less likely to play a game of Guitar Hero. So here we have Metallica, who have sold over 100 million records since 1983 and have been one of the forefront leaders of the influence of metal music since their explosion to rock fame. So it only makes sense that the next big rock band to be immortalized with a videogame project would be Metallica."

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