The PS3's New Year's Resolutions

PSX Extreme writes: "Hi. I'm a PlayStation 3. I made great strides in 2008 but we all need to better ourselves in some way, so here's my list of New Year's Resolutions. I swear I will apply myself to achieving all goals outlined below!

I will become more affordable...even if I don't wanna be

When I first launched with a $600 price tag, I desperately tried to convince everyone that it wasn't "pricey;" it was fair. Heck, it was more than fair, considering it cost Sony $840 to make me. But it was difficult to convince many people without many great discs to pop inside my complicated architecture, and so I labored through the first few months and a lot of 2007. And although Sony wanted to promote me as a piece of filet mignon in comparison to the low-grade cheeseburger that was supposed to be the Xbox 360, I still needed a price cut. And so I got one...well, I got a few, actually. But now I need another one, and I promise to give you a drop that will make me more appealing than ever before in my lifespan. And this time, I'm ready with the games...and oh baby...more are coming."

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I really think that if the ps3 got a price drop, the 360 would be blown out of the water. The games are certainly not a problem, the ps3 just needs to become affordable.

PS3 will have a killer 09, regardless of a price drop, although one looks inevitable.

peedie163515d ago


do you really wanna she the death of the 360. I mean dude the system really does have some great games. This goes for both sides of this supposed WAR, I think it would be a sad day for gamers if either the PS3 or the 360 dies I mean look at the Dreamcast it was tragic when sega decided not to stop making those.

koston36473515d ago

ON SUBJECT (looks at you two)

all around pretty good article