Gaming Nexus: Zenses: Rainforest Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I've been reviewing Game Factory's titles for a while, and I've learned that they're known for licensed work and a few original games here and there. I like that Game Factory works with German developer Shinen, because regardless of what game they make, I always know Shinen will do a good job and put some honest quality into their work. Shinen made a Garfield platformer and a Pet Alien puzzler addictive-that's hard to do. Their most recent project for Game Factory is a set of two puzzle games: Zenses Ocean and Rainforest. Rainforest was the second of the two games that I looked at, and it has its own casual appeal set to a different relaxation theme.

Both Zenses games are purely casual fare-there is nothing to unlock, no emphasis on beating high scores and all of the games are simple, time-tested puzzles. The only input method is the stylus, and while there are a few "challenges" to achieve for each puzzle, they're only fluff and don't unlock anything. The tagline of the Zenses series is "puzzles to unwind the mind," and Game Factory isn't kidding; the whole point is to relax and keep your brain occupied with something that is interesting but not too hard."

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