Boy Gets Wii, Goes Temporarily Insane

Kombo Writes: "Let's take a look back into the past. Remember when you got that one gift that topped everything else? You probably got super excited and screamed for joy. However, chances are that you didn't get this excited. o_O"

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cLiCK_sLiCK93489d ago

..This video somehow pissed me off

RememberThe3573489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Me too.

I had this urge to punch him in the face.

I mean come on it's a Wii. It's not like he's going to actually use it.

: )

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Proxy3489d ago

Maybe I am a fanboy? It's all subjective. I didn't mean any insult by it though.

littletad3489d ago

It's not an insult, but there was no reason to bring it up was there? It's no different than me dissing the ps3 and it's own problems for no reason when were commenting on an exstatic kid getting a Nintendo system.

OuterHaven3489d ago

wow if i was the parent, id return it immediately.

Proxy3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Does it really matter? It's like the phrase "swiftboating." Originally used with John Kerry in the swift boat debate. Such a large issue, the word is now synonymous with any political attack. Even though few debates have any thing to do with a "swift boat."

Similarly a computer crash originally was a HDD head crash. The reader would physically crash into the disk. Now it's used in other unrelated situations. "My game keeps crashing." There isn't really any "crash," but nobody complains when someone uses this connotation.

RROD has become so big it will possibly be used for years to come to describe a system failure on any console - this is the context I was using. It may not be politically correct, but do we really need to worry about being politically correct when speaking about games and consoles? I guess it's more seriously than I thought. I'm sorry.

barom3489d ago

N64 kid was funny. This kid (Wii kid?) looks almost demonic. Creepy...

terrandragon3489d ago

It makes you a fanboy because the PS3 has a YLOD, which you didn't even bother to mention.

psnDevistator3563489d ago

It would be worth mentioning if the ps3 actually got the YLOD alote like the 360.

littletad3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"I guess it's more serious than I thought"...

Honestly I respect the fact you have the decency to apologize even though you don't have to at all. If anything you show class by doing that. But to be honest, yes it's more serious than that. Look what you caused? I mean it may not be you, but Solidsnakus had 4 bubbles not even 1 hour ago and now has 3? Looking at the disagrees it appears he's been just ganged up on his comment and his bubbles taken simply because he opened his opinion of your comment. I don't know him nor have seen his past comments, but if you were a die hard fan of any system and something is posted such as your comment, is it alright to just grin and bear? And if it isn't, does that mean were to be subjected to reduced bubbles literally reducing our ability to speak up? All because the majority favor the ps3 on here? And how do I know his reduction in bubbles really has to do with his just recent comment? Well because this certainly isn't the first time it's happened for an xbox fan. Even if he is one or not. My point is that despite your well said logic, and believe I understood you and quite agree, but it certainly is more serious than just a simple "general" comment bringing up the rrod.


And my comment is meant for all fans of either system, not just a 360 fan who gets bubble raped.

CBaoth3489d ago

Solid is a 360 troll that tries to ruin people's video game experiences by revealing the endings to R2. And yes, he's in the same boat as the idiot who ruined Gears2 w/ the video ending (and at least someone had to link on the site to watch it). So while I usually respect most people's opinion, he's firmly been placed in the ignore list for a good reason.

Owning all 3 consoles is great...except when you come to N4G. You have to read 3x the bullsh!t, usually on irrelevant topics.

Statix3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I actually like this video more than the N64-kid one. This kid is funny/goofy (you can tell he's playing it up for the camera), while the other kid is just kinda sad and overly happy.

I like the part where he "smiled" for the camera at the end. Lol.

prowiew3489d ago

That was my first good laugh of 2009

LoVeRSaMa3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Dude, I would not like to be in the same Mosh pit as that Kid..

agentace3488d ago

...imagine what he would of been like if he got a good console

solidsnakus3488d ago

nah it dosnt matter how many bubbles i have. i just make a new account and start right back at 5. its just something you get used to when you speak your mind in a ps3 fanboy website.

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I want to thump that kid in his face!

He'll be crying when he realises there are no good games to play.

Voiceofreason3489d ago

and yet it gets almost twice the play time of PS3......

mrdxpr23489d ago

yeah u just want to kick his @$$ for doing that... but leave him alone he will get bored with it in a week... ive still yet to touch the wii the last time was to play ssbb in may thats it no jk i havent played it in that long...

monkey6023489d ago

I'm the same. I got Umbrella Chronicles and Mario Galaxy shortly before my birthday last February since I finished them I havent turned the Wii on at all.

Elimin83489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

LOL.. don't know which part of your statement is the funniest, the "thump" or the fact that there really are no games for the Wiiiiiii.

Anon19743489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

I've got to add my voice to chorus as well. I remember I was pretty stoked when I got my wii. Launch day I was out early in the morning to get a coffee when I drove by a FutureShop and noticed the line wasn't really that long. What the hell, eh? Then I played a few games on it and it sat idle for months. Then I had to force myself to play games on it because I felt guilty for having bought the lame thing, but couldn't bring myself to like it. Then it sat gathering dust while I felt guilty and played my PS3 instead. Now my co-worker and his wife are happy to have it all for $400, and I got $400 extra dollars to spend over Christmas. I'm sure they feel pretty good about their purchase right now. Maybe they'll get some use out of it.

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Halochampian3489d ago

it will all go away by the next day...

Razzy3489d ago

I can't even bring myself to watch it. I know it'll just anger me.

VegaShinra3489d ago

LMFAO. I'd take the Wii back the store if my kid did that. I'd be like "You just ruined the holiday for everyone."

Neonvapor3489d ago

I laughed harder at your comment than I did at that video, thanks for that.

IzKyD13313489d ago

Damn, he really went psycho