Will the PS3 actually gain ground on the 360 in 2009

PlayStation Gamer UK writes: "2009 can be a make or break year for the PlayStation 3, latest sales show that it is dropping away from the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii in the USA so this can be seen as a battle lost on Sony's front, however remember this is a (console) war so its not over yet."

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PirateThom3487d ago

Didn't it gain ground in 2008 by outselling the 360 worldwide?

Omega43487d ago

How do you know?

The 360 could of outsold the PS3 and if it didnt it will be extremely close, and any lead the PS3 does get cant exactly be called 'gaining ground' at least not enough ground to be considered note worthy

The PS3 will remain last for a very VERY long time and thats a fact, a pricecut and K2 may help it but i doubt that will be enough

PirateThom3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Add together Media Crate and NPD numbers and Nintendo's leaked numbers for Europe.

You'll find the PS3 to be ahead.

The 360 only pulled ahead in America after the price drop, the PS3 was outselling it all year.

PS3 outsold the 360 in Japan.

PS3 was about 0.5 million ahead in Europe before Microsoft second price drop this year.

Omega43487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Well since you ALREADY know that the PS3 is ahead what are the numbers then i would be interested to see how large the gap is

Also the numbers the 360 gained after the pricecut easily neutralized any lead the PS3 had in the US and i think in the EU as well and Japan doesnt count for much so.....

PirateThom3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

OK, I'll put my money where my mouth is and do the leg work. I haven't added these yet myself before now, but alas: These are all Europe (missing 10 weeks) + Media Crate (miss 1 week) + NDP (missing last month):

Wii: 4,754,000 + 2,880,069 + 8,021,000
PS3: 2,196,000 + 987,514 + 2,818,800
360: 1,566,000 + 317,390 + 3,295,400


Wii: 15,655,069
PS3: 6,002,314
360: 5,178,790

If anyone wants to check my work, please feel free, because if I've made a mistake, I'd rather someone correct it. Media Crate should be out in 3 hours, NPD should be out in 12-14 days. No way of getting the rest of the European figures.

Sully3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Omega4, PirateThom just owned you stop being a crybaby by giving out disagrees.

The least you can do is provide facts if you think his ones are wrong. He provided facts unlike yourself.

MNicholas3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Average annual sales:

PS3: 9M (facing two competitors over 2 years)
360: 8.3M (one year with zero competition, two years with 2 competitors)

Now that the 360 is at $199, it has a chance to overtake the PS3. $199 is the magic price for consoles because at that price almost anyone can afford to buy one.

Having said that, here are some (but certainly not all) of the things that can put Microsoft back in the position that they were for most of 2008, ie., back of the pack in unit sales:

1) Reputation for device failures (now Zune can be added to that list)
2) PS3 and Wii price-cuts
3) Blu-Ray crossing tipping point as defacto industry standard media
4) Lack of compelling new software titles (too many repetitive sequels)
5) Alienation of core market due to Mii-too "Avatars"
6) Lack of features that are standard on competitors(like web browser, Wifi, internal storage, online play)
7) New competition from an unexpected source

Omega43487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

WOW you actually bothered getting the numbers, even for the Wii, didnt expect that LOL

But considering in Dec the 360 will likely sell over 1ml units in the US since it did last year (when it cost more) while the PS3 will likely trail behind with just 500,000 if its lucky then theres Europe, and these '10 weeks', those weeks could be when the 360 is outselling the PS3 3 to 1 so i still believe the 360 could outsell the PS3 this year

I never said that the 360 outsold the PS3 for sure i just said "IT COULD"

Unicron3487d ago

Quite possible Omega. Does that mean those silly people who said the PS3 is doomed should also consider the 360 is doomed, as far as year long sales are concerned, being so close?

(No, of course I don't mean it, but it's something to think about)

3487d ago
PirateThom3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

The crux of this is that it all depends on the European figures, which is not normally tracked, so it's going to come down to Microsoft and Sony saying they won with no way to check anything, unless Nintendo conviently leaks more numbers. The 360 may well make up the million or so in the US from December, but Europe is the only place we can't track and it's where this is being decided. Which is annoying for armchair analysts.

As for "who won", I think Sony will claim victory by coming so close with such an expensive machine, while Microsoft will claim victory by keeping the PS3 at bay another year with a very well timed price drop.

Anyone who has been tracking this will know there's really nothing between the 360 and PS3 worldwide, but the price drop really kicked the ball back to the 360. Perfectly timed, it actually offset the early part of the year where the PS3 was outselling the 360 in the US.

dukadork23487d ago

meticulous and merciless ownage by PirateThom.

******************** Wii: 15,655,069 ********************
******************** PS3: 6,002,314 ********************
******************** 360: 5,178,790 ********************

bubble for the facts

Megatron083487d ago

ps3 lost a ton of ground in 08 despite it being the year of the ps3. The ps3 was within about 5 million in sell at the start of 08 right now its about 7 million behind. So despite what ps3 fanboy say about worldwide sells the 360 out sold the ps3 in worldwide sell by about 2 million and dont see things getting much better for it in 09 maybe 10 will be the real year of the ps3

Unicron3487d ago

So you play sales leads? Does that somehow make Fable 2 more fun or Gears of War 2 less glitchy? I've never understood the whole "sales" argument or the "year of" malarky. It's the year of the gamer, unless you are a silly armchair analyst, then you have bigger issues.

Oh and Megatron... You belong to me now...

morganfell3487d ago

Absolutely Pirate. The PS3 has gained ground since the day it launched.

power of Green 3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

No the 360 has a bigger lead then it did when PS3 launched lol(biggest lead ever).

@1.3, Neutralized? The 360 has added million(s)to the biggest gap/lead it ever had over PS3.


LOL how PS3 fans dresses up PS3(GLOVES ETC) as some sort of badass always getting the best of 360.

PirateThom3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

How do you figure?

The PS3 outsold the 360 in 2007 and, as I showed above, most of 2008.

How could the 360 have extended its lead, if the sales figures say otherwise?

It's actually a physical impossibility for the 360 to have extended its lead over the PS3. Unless you make up fake numbers, like VGChartz do...


Someone is bending the laws of physics...

Even if the first numbers are correct:

5.7 + 6 = 11.7m
11 + 5 = 16m

Someones's telling fibs and my numbers are from recognised sources.

Edit: For those wondering what that means: at the end of 2007 the difference was 5.3m, at the same point in 2008 the difference is 4.3m.

The 360 has nearly doubled nothing. The PS3 may not have made any ground, but the 360 certainly hasn't extended any lead over the PS3.

ultimolu3487d ago

Damn Thom. o_O

That was some massive ownage.

thor3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I find it tremendously funny that certain people seem to claim that the 360 managed to outsell the PS3 by these massive margins. 5 million lead to 7 million lead? You must be joking. The PS3 outsold the 360 in all territories (US/Japan/EU) for the first half of the year. Fact. MGS4 came out, we all saw the numbers, and the PS3 was outselling the 360 by quite a way. Unfortunately, the heavy hitters in the autumn didn't have the same effect, and Gears 2 coupled with a price drop boosted the 360 sales. But you simply cannot say that the boost it enjoyed in just a couple of months was not only enough to negate all the progress the PS3 had made in the first half of the year, but enough to increase the sales by 2 million on top of that.

We all know that the sales gap between the two consoles is quite small. The 360 may have sold the most, the PS3 may have, but nevertheless it will be a close-run race and we probably will never know for certain who won. Even still, to base countless articles about the demise of the PS3 on sales numbers when they are so close to the 360's is ridiculous.

liquidsnake3487d ago

Like thor said. Didn't the 360 price cut came in september? That means that xbox 360 has managed to gain every console that Sony has sold from jan to sep and then outscoring it by 2 million units if we're to believe POG's numbers. I say that his numbers are fictional.

soxfan20053487d ago

I could spin numbers and use the type of math used on this site to prove that Dreamcast really won the last generation.

Graphics Whore3486d ago

Wow Pirate, I'm impressed with your massive pwnage.

Megatron083486d ago

Unicron lets see you got killed by that joke of a leader Rodimus Prime and I killed the grestest leader Optimus prime. So who belongs to who ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3486d ago

How is that the PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide all year long only to fall farther behind? So losing is winning?

goflyakite3486d ago

How did the PS3 fall farther behind?

Where are you getting your numbers?

Did you read any of the posts above you at all?

Enigma_20993486d ago

You want to LOL at Sony fans dressing up... isn't there an idiot over in Japan that had an XBox360 logo etched into his head?

wii ftw3486d ago

wher ehte 360 will outsell teh ps3 by at least a million and narrowly take 2008. Either way its close and none console has pulled away or gained on each other.

evrfighter3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

******************* PS3: 6,002,314 ********************

I see this number and die a little. Just imagine how the execs at Sony must feel seeing they lost money on every single one of these sales.


I took a look at the Dec 2007 NPD numbers and noticed the PS3 sold only 797000 units. The 360 selling 1,260,000 units.

Now if you guys remember. Microsoft sometime last month claimed an increase of 25% over 2007 sales on their 360 units. using the 2007 figures for this and I'm going to assume Sony sold the same 800,000 units for dec 2008.

based off this info (which I think can be considered a good rough estimate) the numbers will probably look to be around

6802314 - PS3
7016290 - 360

This is considering sony sold the same amount as 2007 (800k) which would have been hard to do considering the price the 360 was going for and the state of the economy. So the ps3 numbers could possibly be lower.

I normally can give a rats a$$ about sales figures but since I'm seeing people preach them as gospel from the bible I spent a whole 5 minutes on google looking at the 2007 numbers instead of going outside and enjoying my smoke...

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resistance1003487d ago

I suspect it will have a great year, theres too many great games for it not to a price cut will help as well i suspect

pp3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

No never as soon as droids get use to that the better it will be for everyone.PS3 is destined to stay 3rd this gen that's the sad cold truth.

How about everyone gives me some bubbles i'll happy for only a measly 12 bubbles.

resistance1003487d ago

I wouldn't rule anyone out yet

Sully3487d ago

pp just make a new account if your going to troll, your efforts are in vein with your 1 bubble.

resistance1003487d ago


Don't encourage him, still im sure if he made another account, it will be easy to spot who it is anyway.

Sully3487d ago

lol sorry. It's sad watching him troll with 1 bubble tho. :)

At make his new account like peepee so everyone knows who he is.

Magic_The_Celt3487d ago

poor poor pp, destined to stay in last place in life

awww quit crying because mummy wont buy you what you want kid

heh. i own both consoles i get the best of both worlds, unlike you who has to sit in the corner crying

ahh i know all about what you said pp "i wish ps3 games where on the 360"

Yeah thats right folks, he actualy said it LMFAO

JasonPC360PS3Wii3486d ago

Xbots arn't droids, we don't make a thousand accounts pretending to be someone new each time, bubbleing yourself up, and hitting agree on yourself.

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Fishy Fingers3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Software liberary definetly, I think as of now Sony have the better line-up for next year. That and a price cut should sell a lot of units. Doesn't matter much to me though, as long as I can get a full server I'm all good.

JohnnyMann4203487d ago

Just another boring 2009 console speculation article.

resistance1003487d ago

to be fair they come every year without fail